Commission Meeting 1-27-14: SDDOT Presentation

I attended the City Commission meeting tonight, Monday 1-27-14, to hear the presentation from the SD Department of Transportation speak on the upcoming highway replacement program for Washington Ave. and 2nd Ave. in Madison. This project is just kicking off and construction will happen in 2015 to 2017. This is a perfect opportunity for Madison to fix much of its infrastructure that is beneath these roads. We will need to pay special attention to water, sewer, and other drainage construction. There will be some pain felt during the construction phases, but if the City of Madison plans and implements this project properly (in cooperation with the SDDOT) we will have new entry ways into businesses, churches, and homes, new sidewalks and retention walls, and most importantly, better streets that can handle our growing traffic.

I will post more documentation on this topic in the days to come.