Breaking Local News: Madison Thrift Store Project Moves Forward

BREAKING LOCAL NEWS: The Madison Community Foundation, The Lake Area Improvement Corporation (LAIC), and the Interlakes Community Action Partnership (ICAP) are moving forward with their plans to build a community thrift store in Madison, SD. The LAIC will be giving land and a building currently on South Egan Ave. to the Community Foundation to be demolished. The Foundation will build a new 13,000 square foot store in its place for an estimated cost of $650,000. In 2012, the group asked for $150,000 in direct funding from the city. The group is no longer asking for direct city funding for this 2014 project. It was not disclosed if the LAIC is helping with funding or loan guarantees.
As you probably know, the LAIC receives much of its funding from the City of Madison and has also been used to shuffle previously owned city property in the past. In more ways than one, these corporations receive city funding and use the money to complete projects that may or may not have been voted on by the citizens of Madison. Currently, Mayor Roy Lindsay is our representative on the Community Foundation board and Scott Delzer is our representative on the Lake Area Improvement Corporation board.
How do you feel about this situation? Does Madison need a thrift store? Do we have any open buildings that could be used at a lower cost during a trial period? Do you feel this project has been discussed with the public enough? Will Madison residents support this project? Are there other projects that you think the LAIC and Community Foundation should focus on? What direction does the community need to go on a project like this? Use our contact link above to send me your thoughts and opinions.
If elected on April 8th, I promise to be YOUR voice on the City Commission. -Ashley Kenneth Allen